Wednesday, June 8, 2011

why am i still writing in here?

list of things that are on my mind these days:


going home

edna ferber

book layouts

in design



life after grad school

being busy and being okay with that

Sunday, December 5, 2010

NOW I'm done

It was a horrible feeling when I woke up this morning and realized that my project STILL wasn't done. I had to rush to the computer lab around noon and hope that I remembered how to do everything that I learned yesterday about adding pictures correctly. And I had to make the title yeah, there needs to be a title page. Can't forget that. Also, some of the pictures were repeats which is kind of bad, so I had to photograph some more of my artwork that I forgot about and left in the dingy basement, and replace the old photos with these new ones. Now I have a hypertext website with artwork and pictures about a day in the life of anyone. I realized that there is so much more I could do with it, like add links to the pictures or add more links in the text. But for the purpose of the class it is done.


I thought I was done with my project, until yesterday I realized that I forgot to add the title page. Oops. I guess I'll be going in to add that via Fetch, and THEN I'll be done.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

File transfer nightmare

Last night I finished my project, yipee! After about four hours of complete hell. I messed around trying to upload my project onto my Ubalt webspace using Fetch, and completely failed, digging myself into a deeper hole than when I started. I had dozens of photos on my desktop and fragmented files where I tried unsuccessfully to put my project on the internet. My boyfriend showed up to pick me up around 7:30, told me how to fix the mess I made and watched while I reduced the size of every single picture. I was so embarrassed. I'm glad it's over now.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Shopping bewilderment

So I stuck to my goal of not going shopping for two months. It was hard. I got a gift certificate for my birthday for the bookstore, and I am completely overwhelmed as to what I should get. I spent some of it and got a couple of books and a nice coffee mug, and a puzzle (I haven't done a puzzle for AGES). But I don't know what to get with the rest of it. After you don't have extra money for a while it's terrifying when you do.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Korea has been on my mind a lot lately, mainly because of it being in the news so much. I have a really bad feeling about North and South being on the brink of war lately. I guess I always pay a little more attention and get a bit more emotional when I see South Korea on the news than other places. (Except sometimes America.)
I also went to a Korean grocery store because I have been trying the food this past year. I got some grape juice that has actual grapes at the bottom of it; you eat them after you drink the juice. I almost choked on one when I was driving. There is actually a warning on the can. I got some frozen food as well. I really liked the grocery store, except that the smell of fish in there is horrendous. I love Korea. I pray for it and its people.


Last night I did a marathon project work session and made all of my drawings. I was a little worried that they would turn out looking crappy and homemade (well they are homemade) but they actually look cool and I think I managed to pull it off. I photographed all of them and put them on my zip drive. Tonight they're going onto my Dreamweaver website. I didn't match them with specific pages because I wanted to play around a bit and take a chance. I kept my text in mind when I was doing the drawings but I guess I'll see what goes together best. I am better at creating art when I'm not trying to force a plan into it. Some of them are calendar pages and some are notebook paper. I wanted to stick with my original idea. For some reason, my mind insisted that they be notebook paper and calendar pages, not anything fancier. Things I've learned from this project are that I feel much better when I don't procrastinate, and it's a good thing to trust my instincts-rarely will they lead my astray.